A Top CEO Was Ousted After Making His Company More Environmentally Conscious. Now He’s Speaking Out

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The battle within Danone—producer of Activia and Oikos yogurts, Silk soy milk, and Evian water, among others—might have been dubbed a “food fight,” had it not erupted in such serious times. But it was no laughing matter. Months of tension wi…

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Gun Violence Costs U.S. $557 Billion a Year

Gun violence that causes tens of thousands of U.S. deaths each year—far more than any other developed nation—is having a significant, negative impact on the country’s economy, Harvard Medical School researchers said.

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How Gunmakers May Benefit From Mass Shootings

Mass shootings are becoming more common in America. Five years ago there were 358 such incidents, which are generally defined as shootings in which four or more people not including the shooter are injured. Last year there were 692. And by mid-June this year, there had already been 252. While the outcry about them is nearly universal—and more than half of Americans favor stricter gun laws…

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How to Adjust Your Budget for Inflation

Household budgets have come under intense pressure in recent months as prices have risen to multi-decade highs. In September, the rate of inflation in the U.S. reached 8.2%.

Allocating your budget while prices are rising can be tricky. “There are two things you can do,” personal finance educator Tiffany “The Budgetnista” Aliche says. “Spend less or make more…

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Thanksgiving Travel to Test Airlines’ Mettle

Bloomberg — Air traffic for the Thanksgiving holiday is expected to approach pre-pandemic levels and travelers are likely considering their plans with some dread, given fresh memories about thousands of canceled flights.“The process of getting there is going to be difficult,” said Stephen Beck, founder of management consulting firm Cg42. “We’re going to have to pre…

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The Problem With Corporate Net-Zero Emissions Goals

Only a relative few companies have set net-zero targets, and even fewer expect to fully stop emitting greenhouse gases. For the majority, the plan is to eliminate their carbon footprint by 2050 through offsets—a reduction or removal of emissions elsewhere to compensate. Offsets, however, are controversial, in part because they’re difficult to get right.

Tech options, like carb…

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Activision Blizzard Agrees to Union Negotiations

Activision Blizzard Inc. Chief Executive Officer Bobby Kotick said the US’s biggest independent video-game publisher will start negotiating with the Communications Workers of America over a collective bargaining agreement for employees at its subsidiary Raven Software.

Last month, a majority of video game testers at Raven Software employees voted to form a union—a first for a …

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Why TIME Chose Elon Musk as the 2021 Person of the Year

Why TIME Chose Elon Musk as the 2021 Person of the Year

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YOLO Consumers Splurge Even as Savings Fall

A group of US consumers has surprised companies and economists by splurging on Taylor Swift concerts, trips to Paris and dining out — even as their savings decline.

Call them the YOLO consumers. 

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