Pentland Brands takes the Segura route to improve supply chain transparency

The supply chain software solutions provider is tasked with mapping Pentland’s entire multi-brand, multi-tier supply chain “from the first tier to raw materials — across its global operations”.Segura will also help the UK-based owner of brands such as Speedo, Berghaus and Endura to track suppliers’ sustainability progress and measure and manage compliance. คำพูดจาก Read more

Amazon facing repeated unionisation attempts at US warehouses

Employees of the JFK8 warehouse in the Staten Island district will be casting their ballots in person, said the group’s leader, Christian Smalls, on Twitter. The campaign for the creation of a trade union at this facility began last year. After several vicissitudes, the US National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) acknowledged in late January that the campaigners had collected enough signatures …

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UK shoppers are world’s biggest online spenders says UKCA

Spending has soared by 28% in just two years, reaching £154 billions last year from £120 billion in 2014. That also means UK shoppers are spending £422 million online each day, the report said.And the actual figure is higher than that because the calculations only include spending that is processed in the UK. Payments by shoppers who buy directly from foreign companies, including Amazon whic…

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‘Do Not Sell My Info’- U.S. retailers rush to comply with California’s new privacy law

Others like Home Depot will allow shoppers not just in California but around the country to access such information online. At its California stores, Home Depot will add signage, offer QR codes so shoppers can look up information using their mobile devices and train store employees to answer questions.Large U.S retailers are rushing to comply with a new law, the California Consumer Privacy Act …

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UK has another weak month on the high street but fashion edges up

Sales in physical shops were hurt by a combination of factors, including wind and rain storms and the growing fears around the coronavirus. Interestingly as well, online sales saw the second-worst monthly result since 2010 with a rise of only 6%. This means that a high level of consumer caution is still a factor as the aforementioned issues affecting physical shops might normally have been like…

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