YouTube Prominently Featured a Video Promoting a Florida School Shooting Conspiracy Theory

Just months after YouTube promised to clamp down on “bad actors,” a video promoting a conspiracy theory about a Parkland, Florida school shooting survivor was briefly the top trending item on the site Wednesday morning.

The video shows a local news clip about a confrontation between beachgoers and a lifeguard near Los Angeles. Appearing in the video is a young man identified a…

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‘Nudify’ Apps That Use AI to ‘Undress’ Women in Photos Are Soaring in Popularity

Apps and websites that use artificial intelligence to undress women in photos are soaring in popularity, according to researchers.

In September alone, 24 million people visited undressing websites, the social network analysis company Graphika found.

Many of these undressing, or “nudify,” services use popular social networks for marketing, according to Graphika. For instance, sin…

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